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The art of creating Incentive Events

Since the last century, incentives have been a tried-and-true means to motivate sales persons and increase sales. Whether the reward was a colorful pot holder or a well-tooled briefcase, these original incentive programs always rewarded sales persons and consumers with premiums or merchandise.

The next step in the world of incentives was the age of the stamp. Various companies awarded stamps to consumers who purchased certain products or shopped at particular stores. These stamps were pasted into booklets for redemption. For sales persons, the briefcase and jewelry still ruled supreme! There are various forms of incentive rewards, but the group incentive travel is at the top of the list.

Incentive Travel gives a lifetime of memories
Not only does it enable a company to recognize employees or customers in a manner which the recipients will never forget, but it also creates unity and provides a perfect arena to communicate an organization?s goals. Organised with infinite attention to detail and impemented with care, the incentive programme we create will generate the results you want, and will be achieved with maximum cost effectiveness.

Motivating Key People
In an increasingly competitive world, motivating key people to aim higher and achieve more can make a real difference to the companys performance. Today however, savvy companies implement incentive programs to achieve a variety of corporate goals. Increasing sales still is at the top of the list. However, programs for improving productivity, quality, attendance and safety are rapidly becoming important business tools. Some companies reward an entire company if a certain sales goal has been reached. They realize that a sales person needs a lot of support and reward accordingly.

Recognising exceptional people?
Bring them to an exceptional destination!

Not too many countries can, like Thailand, offer such a variety and diversity of cultural traditions and social contradictions mixed with picturesque sights and exotic stimulating scents, embraced by such a colourful landscape, ranging from dense jungle to clear turquoise saltwater. As if this is not enough, you will find the gentle and smiling people who create an atmosphere fit for modern enjoyable travelling, for the experienced globetrotter as well as for the first time traveller.